MP Expenses

MP's expenses are designed fund the varied work undertaken by MP's in order to support their work both in the constituency, and in Parliament. They also cover the additional costs of living in two locations and the journeys between.

The I.P.S.A routinely publish expenses and these can be found here


I will always endeavour to keep my expenses within reasonable limits and will publish these in the interests of transparency.

The first year of expenses, for new MP's, is always higher due to the additional costs of setting up two new offices, in the constituency and one in London along with employing and training staff. This, of course means that costs in the first 12 months are higher than they would be in subsequent years.

Below are more details about my expenses and what they are spent on.



  • Constituency & Westminster Office
  • Travel
  • Other Costs
Parliament covers the cost of running my Leigh and Westminster offices. This includes costs paid for renting a constituency office, as well as equipping it; all phone, stationery and postage costs; all staffing costs (including staff wages and employer pension and national insurance contributions) and everything in between. Wigan Council advised that I would not be offered a long term lease on the office on Market Street used by my predecessor, Andy Burnham, as it was earmarked for development so new premises had to be sought. This office has been almost entirely furnished with second hand office furniture and is staffed and open five days a week. Here is a list of members of staff, all of whom are paid out of the IPSA Staffing Allowance made available for MP's.Staffing 2017/2018Constituency OfficeSharon Lloyd - Office ManagerRichard Barber - CommunicationsPaula Wakefield - CaseworkerWestminster OfficeOmar Sharif - Parliamentary Assistant
I travel between the constituency, where I live, and the House of Commons. I am required to be in the House of Commons several days each week while Parliament is sitting to participate in debates, votes and represent my constituents. I always travel Standard Class and endeavour to buy tickets as cheaply and as far in advance as possible (the cost of a standard single ticket is £95.20).
Computer equipment on loan from Parliament: Members of Parliament are provided with a fixed budget for computer equipment provided by Parliament – which is provided on loan, solely for the duration of their term as an MP. The standard allowance covers the loan of some computers for both the constituency and my office in Westminster. The equipment is used by myself and staff, solely for the purposes of carrying out Parliamentary duties.