I feel compelled to share this, even though it is from a different constituency, albeit neighbouring.

The post in question describes the horrific account of Leanne McNuff’s murder by her partner - the impact this has had on her family and other women who have suffered abuse by their partners.

My sister is partner to Ryan - Leanne’s brother, so fully understand the devastation this has had on all involved.

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Salford Survivor Project

It has taken a while to put this on purely because of the emotion this subject brings up. On Friday afternoon two of our volunteers met up with Margaret Mcnuffthe mother of Leanne Mcnuff who was murdered in March 2012. The reason for the meeting was to discuss the project moving forward. Once charity status has been approved we will be changing the name to the Leanne Mcnuff Survivor Project. It was an emotional afternoon speaking to a lady who has had to bury her child and is bringing up her grandson. She has been through so much and no one deserves to have suffered as she has. Nothing seemed to phase this amazing lady. Strong, resilient, compassionate. Very similar to Becky Ayres mum who is an amazing lady both inside and out.

Leanne was a beautiful mother of one when she was murdered by her ex boyfriend. She was murdered in front of her little boy. She lived next door to her mum and both her mum, and brother ran next door when they heard her screams but were too late to save her.

The next day her friend found out about her being murdered and planned to escape her abusive relationship. During the murder trial the friend's anxiety grew worse as she starred at the back of the murderers head in the dock and looked at Margaret in the courtroom, broken. She imagined this was her boyfriend who had been abusing her for years, she imagined Margaret could be her mother, sat there listening to people in the courtroom talking about herself like she didn't exist as a human, that she was some how to blame for her own murder. She imagined her child having to watch as she was kicked, beat and stamped on begging for her life.

She went home and asked him to leave and after many threats and many phone calls to the police she was finally rid of him.

On the week her abuser was due to leave prison the police and social services removed all support from her. She was left alone with no help and her only choice was to move. That same week Linzi Ashton was murdered in Eccles. No one in authority wanted to help this young mother whose ex boyfriend was coming out of prison. So her mother set up Salford Survivor Project.

She set it up because there was no help for her daughter and she wasn't going to sit back and wait for her daughter to become another statistic. She wasn't going to let Leanne and Linzi die in vain. Since the start of this project many more have lost their lives.

This project was set up to make a difference to the thousands of families in Salford who are affected from abuse. The founder wanted a service that the survivors could trust, without fear of social services or other agencies constantly victim blaming. But most of all she wanted to make sure that Leanne Mcnuff was always remembered and that Leanne would help many more women and men escape domestic abuse like Leanne had inspired her daughter.

Her daughter is a butterfly with her wings of freedom inspired by Leanne who gained her angel wings.

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