Yesterday I was able to raise awareness in the House of Commons of the fantastic work that Leigh Pensions Group carries out helping and supporting women born in the 1950’s who have been unfairly caught out by changes to the state pension age.

Since 1995 the Department for Work and Pensions have failed to communicate the increase to the state pension age to women born in the 50’s. This has meant that some women have been receiving letters stating their retirement age is six years longer than they had originally thought and planned for, sometimes receiving this letter just one year before they anticipated they would retire. I have therefore heard of many local women in strenuous and physically demanding jobs having no choice but to continue working into their late 60’s despite their deteriorating health. If these women had been properly informed of these changes they would have been able to plan for their retirement and retain their independence; instead many women are juggling long work hours in low paid jobs whilst trying their best to support their families and look after grandchildren. The Leigh Pensions Group are an inspirational group to be around however, providing support and friendship amongst women sadly going through the exact same situation. I am therefore so glad that the House of Commons joined me in thanking them for their work yesterday. Manchester Town Hall will also follow in Leigh Town Hall’s example on 19th January 2018 in lighting up in purple to show our support and solidarity with Leigh Waspi Group - News. Whilst only a small gesture, I hope this will provide reassurances to those affected by the changes that we are with you and support you in your call for fair transitional arrangements.

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Live at @MXK_EY’s screening of the CULTure documentary at Story Club in area 47 pic.twitter.com/hECIHxKtKW

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